Wool Shawl – ‘East Africa’ Open Weave Texture


Classic handmade smooth textured open weave wool shawl available in natural undyed wool or dark indigo blue.


Our ‘East Africa’ wool shawl is a year-round staple piece for your home. Handmade of one hundred percent wool this open weave wrap is a perfect covering for a summer breeze and keeps you cozy on cold winter days. This simple wool shawl comes in natural undyed wool or a deep dark navy-blue hue of indigo. Its unbroken woven texture has a tied fringe on either end.

Not only will this chic wool shawl become a favorite in your wardrobe, you may find you never put it away as it is an elegant décor choice for any room. Place it at the end of your bed, on your favorite chair, the back of the couch or even hanging on a hook. As a result you will soon find that your house guests also relish the opportunity to snuggle up with this treasured piece.

Above all this handmade wool shawl is a textural pleasure that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of sight impairment. Selected in only two contrasting colors it is easy to identify by individuals with low vision. Similarly it’s unique handmade woven texture will differentiate it from any other throw blankets or shawls in your home.


Country of Origin:



100% Wool


28 inches by 72 inches


Natural Beige

Indigo Blue

Cleaning Instructions:

Hand wash in warm water and lay flat to dry. When washing keep the water the same temperature and air dry or else the wool will shrink. Wool is touted to be self-cleaning and rarely needs to be washed; instead, you may spot clean as needed with a soapy washcloth.

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Indigo Blue, Natural Undyed


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