Woven Wall Baskets – ‘Peace’ Palm Leaf Baskets


These one of a kind handwoven natural palm leaf wall décor baskets featuring unique textures and patterns are handmade in Zambia.


This five piece woven wall basket set can be enjoyed together or individually as inspiring unique décor. They make the perfect piece to adorn any wall or create a centerpiece on a table. Each ‘Peace’ wall basket is lovingly handmade in Zambia by native women in the traditional cultural style. Wall baskets range in size from 12 inches to 28 inches. The baskets have bold simple patterns created with varying textures and natural fibers.

The woven wall baskets contain only natural plant based dyes and are created using native plant fibers such as palm leaves, wild twigs, and creeping vines. No basket will ever be the same due to their unique handmade production. These magnificent wall baskets from Africa make the perfect centerpiece for any home. Bring some peace to your space and help celebrate the native tradition of the women of Batonga.

Besides being used as wall décor, these woven wall baskets have a traditional practical use of storing fresh fruit to eat throughout the week. Alternately you can use them to store your treasured items or display as a centerpiece in your home. The best quality of these useful woven baskets is their durability and usefulness throughout the house. For instance they will not break if nocked to the floor.

These woven wall baskets are striking in their natural colors. As a result their designs contrast from dark to light making them easy to appreciate from close or affair. Woven wall baskets are a wonderful style of tactile art that can be enjoyed by individuals with blindness or sight impairment. They have a pleasant texture that cannot be replicated as they are each unique and handmade.


Woven Wall Basket Designs:

12 inch ‘Peace’ Woven Basket Variation 1: Made of light colored palm leaves interspersed with dark palm leaf lines.

12 inch ‘Peace’ Woven Basket Variation 2: Made of light colored palm leaves with four geometric ‘C’ shaped designs made of dark palm leaves.

18 inch ‘Peace’ Woven Basket Variation 1: This basket has a dark square center in a light circle surrounded by rows of alternating dark and light zig-zagging patterns of palm leaves.

18 inch ‘Peace’ Woven Basket Variation 2: This basket has a dark square center in a light circle surrounded by a large swirl of alternating dark and light palm leaves.

28 inch ‘Peace’ Woven Basket: This basket has a large dark square center surrounded by intricate patterns of alternating dark and light palm leaves woven throughout.


Country of Origin:



Palm Leaves and other natural fibers


12 inches in diameter

18 inches in diameter

28 inches in diameter


Light natural dried leaves of creams and browns

Cleaning Instructions:

Dust frequently with a microfiber cloth. If dirtied spot clean with water and mild soap and dry with a hair dryer.

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12 Inch Variation 1, 12 Inch Variation 2, 18 Inch Variation 1, 18 Inch Variation 2, 28 Inch, 5 Piece Set


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