Kinesthetic Art is committed to providing technology accessibility for people with disabilities. Mr and Mx Corp (“we” and “us”) is the operator of Kinesthetic Art ( (“Website”). This policy establishes our responsibility for providing accessible web services to individuals with disabilities.

Policy Availability

The policy is available to all employees, guests, customers, clients, and users of the Kinesthetic Art website, owned by Mr and Mx Corp. This policy is distributed to all employed or freelance web content writers, editors, designers, and developers of the site. The policy applies to all new, updated, and existing web content on

Accessibility Statement

Mr and Mx Corp is a disability-owned business and strives to make our websites, services, products, and communication available to all people respecting their individual needs, dignity, independence and right to equal opportunities. As a corporation, we are continually implementing new accessibility training, education and practices into our policy. Mr and Mx Corp is dedicated to not only providing compliance with the United States of America Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) but achieving accessibility that is above and beyond minimum standards.

Accessibility Testing

The website is displayed in an accessible format that facilitates screen readers and has been tested using WAVE® on Chrome browsers on PC and Android devices. A screen reader tool is provided. Accessibility checks are incorporated into the publishing workflow for all new content. Content provided by third parties will be prioritized based on their accessibility standards, policies and claims.

The site has been optimized for accessibility to the best of our current knowledge and we continue to strive to improve the ease of use for all users.

Current known accessibility issues:

-Website not accessibility checked on Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer browsers or Apple products

Please let us know about your experience on our site. If you have feedback for us or are experiencing website accessibility issues please contact us at:


Statement Updated on 01/06/2022


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