Hand Knotted ‘Coexist’ Tactile Wall Hanging


The ‘Coexist’ cotton wall hanging is made of two opposing textures of rope intertwined in harmony.

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This hand knotted tactile wall hanging perfectly symbolizes the harmony between opposing elements. Created by women overcoming abuse and exploitation, this wall hanging has two opposing textures interwoven together. The two cords create a knotted piece that is reminiscent of a dance.

This elegant piece has a natural and calming atmosphere that perfectly compliments any space. From rustic to modern you will find that the ‘Coexist’ tactile wall hanging can tie any space together. It is a wonderful addition to kitchens, hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, meeting spaces, or offices.

The hand knotted cotton cords that make up its design have opposing textures that can be felt. This piece makes a wonderful tactile art piece that can be enjoyed by any age as they feel its design. Individuals with sight impairment or loss will find this to be a wonderful and accessible art piece that can be enjoyed for years to come. Textural elements of this wall hanging include its knotted design, opposing rope textures, and the soft tassels that hang from the bottom.


Country of Origin:

United States of America


100% Cotton



Natural undyed

Cleaning Instructions:

Dust with a microfiber cloth. If dirtied spot clean with water and mild soap and allow to air dry completely.

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