Woven Baskets – ‘Everything’ Handmade Grass Basket


Simple black woven baskets handmade by women in Tanzania from local Milulu grass and dyed with natural plant colors. Especially useful for storing items throughout your home.


These smooth grass woven baskets are the perfect catchall for everything in your home. They are handmade of local Milulu grasses by women in Tanzania. Like a little black dress, these black baskets are perfect for any occasion.

They range in size from 5 inches to 16 inches. The small woven basket is perfect for jewelry, makeup accessories, paintbrushes, pencils, or any small items in your office, bedroom or home. Larger baskets are perfect as planters, kitchen utensil holders, toy baskets, organizers, laundry bins and more.

These one of a kind handmade baskets easily go with any décor or style as they have a simple smooth texture and chic black color. The black woven grass has a smooth texture interwoven throughout this piece with a finished braided rim at the top of the baskets.

You will soon find that these “Everything’ woven baskets hold up to their name as you find them holding your treasured items throughout your life. Have one in the bathroom for towels or trash, one in the living room to hold your projects or a snuggly shawl. Even bring one along in the car to hold all your daily essentials. You will never want to be without these unique woven baskets.


Country of Origin:



Milulu grass


5 inches in Height

12 inches in Height

14 inches in Height

16 inches in Height



Cleaning Instructions:

Avoid getting wet to protect the natural plant dyes. Dust with a microfiber cloth. If dirtied spot clean with water and mild soap and dry with a hair dryer.

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12 Inch, 14 Inch, 16 Inch, 4 Piece Set, 5 Inch


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